Tanzania and Kikwete

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized


Do you like president Kikwete?

Do you like the way he has run our country?

Do you think Kikwete won the election in 2010 fairly?

Do you think Kikwete got the 60+ votes fairly?

Do you think Kikwete enjoys being Tanzanian president at this difficult time?

Has the Kikwete presidency strengthened the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar?

Is Salma Kikwete doing her job well as the only wife of the President?

How many times has Kikwete addressed the nation and why is it important?

What have been the major themes of JK’s national addresses?

How many times have you heard the national anthem and seen Kikwete and the national flag at the same time?

Do you think Kikwete as the head of the House/Kaya-Tanzania is aware of his role as national symbol?

What grade would you give Kikwete for being a nationalist?

What is more important to JK his personal image and his family glory or the Tanzanians?

Does Kikwete read privately owned newspapers, like Raia Mwema, Mwanahalisi, Tanzania Daima, Mwananchi, Rais, Al Huda and Al Noor?

Which newspaper is his favorite?

Who does Kikwete listen to, his counselors, family or party caucus?

What is Kikwete’s mission as a president of Tanzania?

What is Kikwete’s greatest weakness as the head of state and goverment?

What does Kikwete stand for and is he ready to die for that course?

Do you think Kikwete want a new Katiba?

Do you think Kikwete is happy to assent the bill that will pave the way for the appointment of the Constitutional Review Commission?

Do you think Luhanjo and JK are true friends of the nation?

Between Luhanjo, Jairo, Utouh and JK who is right and directly responsible for Jairo’s cleansing?

Would Kikwete make consultations before appointing somebody to hold a ministerial post?

Has Tanzania benefited from Kikwete’s presidency?

Who would vote today between Mkapa, Mwinyi and Jakaya Kikwete if we were to hold elections today?

Do you think Kiwete is a good leader?

Can you strike a deal with Kikwete?

Between CCM and Kikwete who is better?

Can Lowassa make a good president compared to Membe?


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