Nation’s Agenda 2012

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Politics

What have we planned as a nation to accomplish this year 2012, and as citizens of this country what have we planned to do help move the nation forward?
These might be New Year’s resolutions but it is a bit different because it is too broad and will take a nation to think and have common ground on the idea on what is to be achieved in more or less than twelve months time.
Every family every year as the year ends sits on a round table to evaluate what they have achieved and what not and why if it is a progressive family or individual. Since a nation starts from the family level, do we as families that make up this beautiful country resolved to achieve something this year 2012?
2011 was the year with so many impossibilities becoming possibilities ever in Tanzania, impossibilities because we were made to believe so. The year when Chadema MPs walked out of the parliament when the president was delivering his speech at the opening of tenth parliament; the year when ministerial budget was withdrawn from the parliament; the first time PM was said to be deceiving the House and when evidences were brought they were not made public for unknown reasons;
It was the year when we first witness some MPs claim to be in opposition dock while on the Union Parliament and while in the House of Representatives they are the government, I can’t understand? It was also the year when two MPs were ejected from their parties and hence loss MPship.
It was also a year of seeing MV Spice Island killing more than 200 people and many more not known their whereabouts and the rescue teams from South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania failed the grieved by not retrieving the bodies of their beloved ones and the wreckage. Bomb blasts in Dar es Salaam was almost becoming a norm in major commercial city in the country. Sadly the same year we lost some MPs due to road accidents and illness let their soul rest in peace.
So it was a year full of change of attitude and thinking from conservative to being open to new ideas, it was also a year we were to suppose to evaluate ourselves if at we are well prepared to curb disasters without help from Uncle Sam.
This year the top agenda might be constitution review commission which is yet to be appointed by the president and kick start opinion collecting all over the country.
But before we start off the year with tranquility and peace we have witnessed field force unit (FFU nick named as Fanya Fujo Uone literally translated as cause chaos and you will see) of the Tanzania Police keeping on watch how students behave themselves from the lecture theatres to dining halls at the oldest and mother to education and knowledge bank of this country, University of Dar es Salaam, Main Campus. May be should we expect more confrontation in the constitution making process and other places let’s wait and see.
Second thing that has just made the year more biting is that TANESCO energy consumers will now pay forty per cent more, bad sign for beginning!
What do we have as a nation as an agenda for development? As individuals where do we see ourselves in three or more years from now? And what do we see happening in the country in the next ten years if we are to be alive? Where do we see our young brothers, sisters, daughters, sons and grand children at the Ward secondary schools ten or more years what will their future be like?
Do your home work and the teacher won’t bother you anymore, life.


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