They Are Smart! Are we not?

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Politics

It has become a culture if not habit of most Tanzanians both common citizens and officials to blame and complain. It has become common from Bunge sessions, street talks to Magogoni big man.

Here are some the areas where we have stopped to think and act, instead find someone to blame on for our problems for the last half a century.

In response to one of the questions why Rukwa, Kigoma and more Southern regions of Tanzania are still backward in terms of infrastructure and other social amenities. The head of the state Dr Jakaya Kikwete once said that it is because of colonial make up of the country. By clearly stating that Kigoma was reserve region for labor. Colonialism thicket have become has been used for rationalizing inaction to bring about even development in the country.

Some have asked why is that northern region of Tanzania especially Arusha and Kilimanjaro have so many schools and many educated people compared to other regions it has been blamed on colonialism that gave the region a priority. Another rationalized inaction.

Why Uganda and Kenya are a head of us. Again it is colonialism. But when you ask another question that, why is Rwanda now a head of us. You get a different answer, they are smart. Are we not?


Of recent we heard and read on the blogs, newspapers and on air that Tanzania is a third beggar after Afghanistan and Iraq which plunged into war some eight years or more now.

Another astonishing revelation about Tanzania is that we are the sole tanzanite producers in the world, the third in pure gold production at the world scale. It is also the second country in the African continent to be endowed with abundant natural resources and minerals after Democratic Republic of Congo.

What about peace and stability? Ask the Economic Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index 2011, they will tell you Tanzania lead the East African Pack in that by being placed in Flawed Democracy category. But ask them about economy we are also far better in terms of economic growth but far behind Rwanda which in the index is Authoritarian!

A country with good number of rare wild animals and that what it is known for and the home to the second highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro with a snow cap in tropical climate another rare thing to ever happen in tropic zones on earth.

Let’s take a leaf from these wise words from Dr Robert Anthony that, ‘When you blame others, you give up your power to change,’ as far as new constitution is concerned. May be we have procrastinated a lot at the expense of development and change in this globalized world.

The 2010 general elections we had very tense political campaigns, with issues laid on table not things as usual, we did not hear aspirants being praised as youth and smile know-how, but we had what political parties wanted to deliver for the betterment of laymen and common citizens livelihood.

One of the big things was new Constitution, which was highly championed by opposition political parties and later picked by ruling political party for well-known reasons.

If you are to ask those in the government the relevance of current constitution they will tell you that it is good and it has nurtured us for long so it is good, when you twist the question and ask why Chadema and the like say it is not good, you will be told they hate the government and they are being pocketed by foreign factions to destabilize the country.

All together with all blames the government took initiative to draft Constitutional Review Bill 2011 which was first taken to parliament in April which was highly faulted by public and amendments were made to it.

Public cry was considered and included in the bill which was taken back to parliament in November 2011 and was passed by the parliament dominated by ruling political party MPs and allies.

During the discussion the public cried for the bill to be read for the first reading, which didn’t happen instead it went to second reading and passed.

What was shocking again was how so many people ranging from ministers to other common citizens pro the government bill blamed foreign envoys and International NGOs interfering with the process.

There is a common say that, ‘if you make people believe in limited possibilities and impossibilities you can control their thinking as you wish.’ This has been well institutionalized in Tanzania to the extent of not expecting and accepting somebody with new idea that  is his/her authentic idea but indoctrinated one from someone abroad.

In reference to the bill discussion during the November parliament session, many who supported the bill cursed Tanzania Constitution Forum chairman Deus Kibamba and the Opposition Chief Whip Tundu Lissu (Chadema), for what was termed by CCM legislators and their allies as working for foreigners just because they came up with unexpected thoughts, alternatives which would make the process legitimate.

What I am trying to bring to our attention is that as the year is still tender or new, and with the constitution making process yet to begin let’s not take blames on someone since our problems will not be solved by others other than ourselves.

Education pollster and research institute, Uwezo Twaweza has just come with the year calendar with photos of prominent men and women world over from different calibers and others from within the country with very smart question that requires action, ‘Nani atakukomboa 2012,? Which can be literary translated as ‘who will liberate you 2012’?

  1. Afrin says:

    Ogana very powerful and insightfull thoughts.Please keep on writing this way all the time for the people like us from far away.I feel just the same and can relate to you in many issues.

    • Joseph Ogana says:

      Thanks Afrin, I wish I could make people act than mere talks, I mean I wish I could make people walk the talk and play their responsibilities from individual level to the state level.

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