Is GNU cause for the rise of apartheid in Zanzibar?

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Constitution, Politics
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1948 the minority South African government under the whites legally passed the apartheid policy which was meant to discriminate majority black Africans.

The whole of the black African race from all walks of life condemned it. Tanzanians were one of those people especially after gaining independence as Tanganyika, 1961 and Zanzibar 1964 (majority rule).

It was clear and the role Tanzania played during Mwalimu Nyerere in nailing down the apartheid policy in both South Africa and later Zimbabwe self declared whites minority independence, 1965 under Ian Smith was clear; African National Congress training camps in Tanzania are still evident and cherished by both Tanzania and South African government in the struggle for majority rule; and also in other southern Africa frontline states and no one denies that.

Mwalimu Nyerere has been praised world all over for building one nation as Tanzania; however he was criticized for his economic policies at the same degree.

In one his speeches in 1995 Mwalimu Nyerere touched some areas where if not watched the country will plunge into unknown pit of disintegration. One of them was segregation alias discrimination of people in relation to the places of origin, tribe, religion and race.

All these issues were starting to emerge ten years after he left the realm of power since 1985. Today is almost seventeen years after the speech, but what is on the ground is frightening and scaring. There have emerged a class of young greedy politicians I f I were to call them so who cares not about the integrity and unity in this country but their lust for power.

2001 for the first time Tanzania produced refugees due to political unrest caused by political enmity, after 2010 general elections the two political parties CCM and CUF in the Zanzibar isles decided to form Government of National Unity to reduce tension in the island.

We all expected leadership from within CUF and outside and to the rest of Tanzanians but it seems it brought with space for incitements. It has been more divisive than consolidative.

With the potentials provided by the use of social media and information technology in general there have emerged a group of people who utilizes it for bad reasons. There are people who use it for incitement and personal gratifications for the reasons they know themselves.

2011 we had Igunga constituency by-election after resignation of a prominent politician-cum-businessman Rostam Aziz, we heard about people being told not to vote certain for being Christian dominated!

2012 Uzini constituency by-election have been peaceful but the result was not well received not by second runner ups but by third runner ups, CUF. Commenting on the results Imail Jussa, Stone Town (Mji Mkongwe) representative and who is Deputy Secretary of CUF in Isles and political star in Zanzibar when speaking in an interview at Mlimani TV had one of the divisive words and stand on why they were third runner ups!

As it is known elections are held so much so that political parties can field candidates who after elections if they win will be representing the constituents. But on the other hand constituents or citizens will measure the best candidates in terms of problem solving strategies which are either underlined by party election’s manifesto or individuals election manifesto.

Voting day as with 90 minutes of soccer tussle is the end of thumb beating between football teams and so do political parties, and who losses accepts the results free hearted without incitement. Contrary to this rule others when defeated due to known and unknown reasons succumbed to religious sectarianism, geographical origin and even tribalism as another cause for the defeat.

Because Ismail Jussa’s brilliant thinking capacity and intellectual readership and leadership were on holiday, he decided to subscribe to religious sectarianism and race or geographical origin as to the reason why CUF came third after CHADEMA which has Tanzania mainland stronghold compared to CUF which its stronghold have been Zanzibar isles since 1995 elections.

If I were the president of the republic Jussa must have given good reasons for his claims. If I were those MPs who wanted Deus Kibamba and Tundu Lissu detained because they held opposite views to theirs during Constitutional Review Commission Bill in the parliament November 2011, I would utilize this opportunity to walk the streets with huge placards demanding Jussa to be detained or arraigned to the courts of law for incitement.

Unless steps are taken Zanzibar will be another South Africa in 21st century in Tanzania; segregating people because of their 19th century roots in the Tanzania mainland and others based on their Oman roots in 19th century and backwards.

To the diehards and extremist like Ismail Jussa social media and freedom of expression has landed on the hands of monsters that have lust for human blood for whatever reasons they have.

My advice for Ismail Jussa and the likes let them work on the lessons, come up with uniting statements and most all let reasoning and nationalistic activities and thoughts take the front seat in their thinking boardrooms lest we shed blood in the name of religious sectarianism and some people’s origin, let him remember that if geographical origin is his point of reasoning he don’t deserve respect at all as people’s representative.

Jussa and CUF top brass need to show leadership in times of difficulties, and because they in the government of national unity we should expect united Zanzibar not divided one as Zanzibaris-origins traced from outside Tanzania mailand and Zanzibaras-origins traced from Tanzania mainland.

If we fall as a nation no one is immune, if we are united we are gaining from that, if we are divided it will be for the benefit of those with lust for power and with citizenship of more than one country.Read more on Ismail Jussa

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