Russian Judo Expert is Here Again, Should he be our national coach?

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Development, Economy, Politics
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In the last two to three months we have heard in the global politics the return of the Russian judo expert into Kremlin as its prefect once again, Vladimir Putin.

There have been rumors that he installed Medvedev so that he may made a comeback easily as a president and also he may rule Russia from behind the doors during that time. Nobody proves this right, but by the look of things he is back as a champion of economic reforms after the fall of Boris Yeltsin in 1999.

This is not new with the regimes which rocked Nigeria and Uganda in forty or so years, during 1970s and 1980s respectively. Where the military men used to overthrow civilian presidents, if they feel that their interests are not realized or achieved by the present big men.  General Olusegun Obasanjo ruled for almost twice as a head of federal state of Nigeria. Milton Obote ruled Uganda twice as a president.

The Latin America has not been exceptional in these comeback scenarios. In Nicaragua Jose` Daniel Ortega who ruled between 1985-1990 came back as a president in 2006.

The major reasons for the comeback of these presidents are contributed to by about the contribution they made to develop and improve people’s living during their terms of power.

It is also due to the implementation of the projects during their terms that persuades people to back them into presidency again.

But there must be good reasons for their come back too. It might that they ruled one term and accept defeat after elections, they give themselves time to rethink and learn on the challenges facing the citizens and why he should be given more last term.

From Ortega we learn crucial things in terms of economy; one is that if you do your homework as a leader people will see and will reward for you that. Second, false propaganda are usually nine days wonder that will wither within a very short time, and lastly, no western powers will support somebody threatening their economic interests in the poor third world countries, whether you are a president, prime minister or any other hopeful presidential candidate or even influential figures.

They brought down Patrice Lumumba in 1960 only six months after Zaire’s independence from Belgium. In terms of economic relations the developed world especially the natural resource hungry US won’t spare you a coup d’état or even propaganda and plots to assassinate you or tarnish your political character.

Tanzanians have been complaining on the performance of their leaders and some even go farther by saying we should consider having the former president of the United Republic of Tanzania Benjamin Mkapa back into power as a president. Maybe he will make good adviser to Putin and in exchange should we ask him to come to coach our national economic team? The argument is not about coming back anyway it is about satisfactory performance as a leader in domestic duties and responsibilities not international praises.

Putin has shown the world from his hometown of Saint Petersberg that he is not only sportsman of the world an exceptional thing but also good economic manager, he have been however termed repressive by western countries but to Russians his citizens he has been good political economist.

Tanzanians need leaders who are responsible not fluent leaders in the international blocs, chairing very big commissions, delivering lectures at international economic forums, not flying leaders.

If at we are to gain from the international organizations and diplomat relations we need to stop this, ‘for love only,’ relations just to be seen as one of the countries championing justice and freedom, while we are far behind economically. We have become an example to everybody just by not utilizing our resources and dump site for filthy words and experimental field for imperial policies and immoralities of the world economy.

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