Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

The Shocking inside story of how America really took over the World

With 250pp the book is written by the man who worked as an economist for big but low profile organizations in the world to ruin the resource rich developing nations by luring them through inflated economic growth projections and ensuring that they take loans for the projects which they cannot pay, they become highly indebted, highly impoverished than they were before, unable to fund and serve their citizens better, creating a class  few wealthy rulers and many poor.

John Perkins gives the detailed story of how and why world leaders deemed to be against the Corporatocracy and the US interest are removed from the power, Iran, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, Indonesia, African Countries-DR-Congo.

Why Saudi Kingdom is rich and is the American darling Middle East while Iran is the arch enemy of the empire.



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